“Wild Game”

wild game, detail

“Wild Game” an installation of exploitation

As observers we create our own reality.

“Erotica is what I like; Pornography is what you like.”

The female body has been praised and patronized by the invasive nature of society’s perspective, and the objectification of women has caused us to be hyper-conscious of how we dress, how we interact with the opposite sex, how we eat certain foods in public, etc. This disregard of basic human decency has built barriers between genders and crumbled comfort levels in an already poorly conditioned society. As a result, this increases the dangerousness of everyday life as a woman.

Wild Game explores documentation of the nude through surveillance, censorship and, ultimately, exploitation. Throughout this exhibition featuring surveillance photos from my own personal experience of being stalked, I hope to challenge viewers’ idea of perspective and composition while menacingly forcing their perspective into an uncomfortable position. Overlapping and intermingling subject matter creates a simultaneously attractive but repulsive composition to balance the allure, the illusion, and the undeniable and dangerous reality of a world that endures the exploitation of women without acknowledging what it reveals about the predatory man.

I used non-archival material like oil on cardboard to represent every day sexualization as an issue that is talked about but has been disregarded as a real danger in society though it permeates the world of a woman. My ceramic sculptures and mixed-media compositions use symbolic association to create a direct dialogue addressing the subject of sexualization through scale, proximity, and composition. My hope is to highlight society’s calloused perspective of harassment to aid in bringing awareness to the extreme potential of objectification.

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